The Eruption of Mount Merapi

Today, Merapi, the famous mountain of Central Java island erupts again. A phreatic eruption. I received an interesting video from a WA group. I don’t know where the video was taken, but maybe it was taken from Boyolali, a small city situated at the east of the mountain.

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Parc Asterix



When I think of my childhood, I always think of cartoons, animation, and comics. Painted memories of so many likable characters. One of my favorites is Asterix a character from French’s comics created by Reene Gosciny and Albert Uderzo. Par toutatis!

They lived around 50 BC, in a fictional village of old Gaul. A mysterious small village that even Julius Caesar and his mighty legendary troops couldn’t conquered. The secret was a magic potion created by the druid. One my drink it and became unbeatable for a short period of time. Asterix and friends became the Roman’s worst nightmare! Continue reading “Parc Asterix”

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Common Question Asked To Hobbyist Photographers

Welcoming 2018.

It has been a year since I learned photography and got new perspectives on the world. Having other priorities more important, I never turned it into a career. Photography is my most effective writing companion. There were times when I had a look at my photos to get inspiration. A crop censor camera is more than enough for me.

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Rara Jonggrang Legend and The Temple of Prambanan


Traditional tales were built by many factors : involving nation’s ways of thinking, behavior, and off course, moral values. As far as I’m concern, Indonesian tales is somewhat different with the Western tales where good and evil confront each other Not all evil always defeated and who’s on the side of evil, by the way?

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