Decision To Make


Hi. Dear reader, this is my first post.

Finally, I decided to start a blog project but haven’t picked a niche and content yet. My online manual guide to blogging, said that blogger should have plans such as : picking the niche & target audience, content planning, social media and promotions, post ideas, etc. etc.

Phew. There will be a broad decision to make. For now, I’m more concern about my consistency. Blogging, surely, will need a perfect time scheduling.

No need to rush in writing, because it will come naturally.

OK. Maybe that sounds a bit lazy and procrastinating. I still have my eyes on some amazing bloggers. They inspire and motivate me in finding a niche.

Why do I write in English? It’s easier to write in my own mother tongue. Well, I just want to feel the difference and broaden my readers. Maybe there will be flaws and mistakes in my writings because English is not our first language, but I hope you’ll get the main points.

The most important things, what am I passionate about? Is it traveling? Is it photography? Is it one of a lifestyle? When I start a blog I don’t really want to put all of them into multiply topics. But that’s the only simple approach to find out what my specialty is, keep writing about anything that come up to mind regularly.

How did you first start a blog?

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4 thoughts on “Decision To Make

  1. Ah…me i start my blog to remind me how to speak Indonesian language bcoz omg i forget a lot of world in bahasa indonesian ! As i dont have indonesian friend here and then one day i send photo to my niece via WA she ask me what that place call i said it’s a harbour *i can’t recall what a harbour in indonesian language 😅 untill i use google translate then i know a harbour is pelabuhan 😅


      1. Well since 1999-2004 i work abroad to singapore and then home for jusy 3month and then go to taiwan , may 2013 home again and may 2015 i went to UK till now 😅 thats why some time i forget some word but not completely forget all…i still speak madura and java language and also mandarin 😆 just forget some word as rarely use it as daily conversation

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