Sarinah Attack


The Sarinah building at Jendral Sudirman street

Yesterday was a very shocking day for all. I was doing my daily routine, my cellphone was off because the battery drained so quickly (thanks to the traffic of 3 WA groups -_-). While I turn it on, the cellphone rang frequently. People told me that I must not go anywhere because there was a terrorist attack in Jakarta.

I turned on the television and watched the local News. There were a series of suicide bomb and gun attacks outside Sarinah Jakarta. The drama played out on the streets.

I’m not going to retell the whole series. You may find plenty of them around the internet.

Talking about instant messaging, I received many information regarding the terrorist movement. Some of them would make people panics easily as if the gunmen might show off around your neighborhood. But there was one clever message which more make sense : “do not believe all the news they’ve told you via instant message or social media”. The purpose of terrorism is to terrorize. We need to remains calm and stay informed, meaning “don’t ignore it, but cool it”.


Starbuck near Sarinah Building, where the other drama happened

I stopped watching the news and checked it again every 2-3 hour. Following it obsessively only make me unproductive and will drain the emotion out. And I knew some of our local televisions have this freaky habit ; showing off dead bodies and ugly events uncensored. That will be traumatic for our long-term memory. Listening news from the radio is far better and healthier than watching the television.

What about social media? Well, the news over the bombing were overload. Netizen made hashtags such as #KamiTidakTakut (we’re not affraid) or #PrayforJakarta. People were shocked and angry, but the hashtag things would only attract the world attention. We had enough bad publication already from the news. Let’s hope that won’t effect our economy and raise public sentiment.

The police and the army caught and shot the gunmen. Everything is under control.

I continued my daily routine as usual. One of my homework was how to tell the kids before they hear the news from their peers. We must continue living positively. Do not feed the bad wolf.

The bad wolf here is not only fears (OR anger) but also our uncontrollable curiosity.

My deepest condolence for the family victims outside. Let’s hope any act of terrorism will vanish from the world.

*All images are taken by me


3 thoughts on “Sarinah Attack

  1. A very good point well put, I must say. One of the problems with us today is that everybody’s so busy shouting out loud that we end up listening less and less. We choose to watch instead, and race to be one of those early sources of information—if you know what I mean. Some fair price for the freedom of speech, I guess. And yes, let’s not give up efforts, let alone hope.


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