Me, Bugs, and Insects

Nature is, always be and always will be the greatest artist. But I have a never ending battle with bugs and insects. They’re everywhere..


Mysterious butterfly around the house

Thanks to photography and a macro lens, now I am at peace with those creatures.

Ok, a temporary cease fire, except with…cockroaches.


Itsy bitsy spidey

Did you know that our best-selling author wrote a romantic short story about that insect? She even called it a prince! There’s nothing romantic in cockroach! Had I killed one, I would feel like a killer who brings complete destruction to the entire Cockroach Kingdom. *evil laugh*89ef7-belalang


A long time ago, I used to feed my lovely Arwana (the fish- not the presenter) with grasshoppers. I hunted them down one by one in my garden.

Do I sound psycho? No, this is just a scattered nostalgia between me, bugs, and insects.

I am now a much better person :))


9 thoughts on “Me, Bugs, and Insects

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