Faster Respond Is Not Always Better


We, Indonesian, are one of the biggest social media users, love to make friends and to chat. Once, I had a group of 30 friends in some instant messenger application. I used to receive more than 500 unread messages per day.

We are bound to norm, culture, and religion. There is an invisible restriction to speak up freely in front of other people. In the chat room, some of us can feels half free of guilt to chat (or discuss) almost about anything, regardless of the time of day or night. While we’re not chatting, we’re sharing tips, news, inspiring stories, religious views, etc. You can’t stop the wave of never-ending messages.

But a group chat can be a real battery drainer for your smart phone. Imagine, you can’t even make a single call in an emergency situation, because your battery life is 1% only (thanks to the heavy chat-active groups). Turning a push notifications off wouldn’t even help if it has already suffering a case of battery fatigue.

It’s quite hard to fight the nomophobia syndrome, lack of self-discipline and unhealthy use of instant messenger group chat. Instant messaging addiction is also high among our teenagers and it’s quite scary. In my opinion, we better go back to old fashion styles of online discussion : discussion board, mailing list, forum, and blogging (!) They provide us interactions, interactive dialogues, which is far better and healthier than any of instant group chat.

Human work on making all messages go even faster. Sadly, faster respond is not always better.

What do you think? Do you have an online chat room or messenger addiction?

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