We, Indonesian, are now entering a season named “Pancaroba”, a transition from rainy to dry season. It is also well-known to cause fluctuating humidity and temperature along with a number of illnesses.

The most famous illness is dengue hemorrhagic fever. One of my pregnant friend’s of friend died a month ago because of this fever, leaving her two little children behind. Yes. Very sad. Some people, especially children, are so vulnerable.


On this day, weather could change extremely. I remember when I was going to the traditional market, suddenly I got totally wet because of very strong changeable wind shower. It happened in a sunny time (rite, that’s why I didn’t bring my umbrella)! Thanks God I didn’t get a cold.

Indonesian traditional and popular cure for catching cold (or feeling unwell) is kerokan. We can do kerokan act by using a very simple tool available in every situation : a coin or a ladel. We only need to ask for a help from someone. She or he will hold the coin and drawn it across our back repeatedly until it leave red marks. Does it hurt? A little bit. But some people find this method very effective and to our surprise, they are grown addicted to it..


The “Pancaroba” season creates another phenomenon called Clear Air Turbulence (CAT) that happens near the equator. Two planes had already got this unlucky events : Etihad Airways and Hong Kong Airways. Almost 32 people injured by this incident.


On the contrary, this is the best season for hunting! Three weeks ago we received invitations for fishing in Sunda Strait or South of Java Island. Tempting. The waves are bigger than North Java Island, but so are the fishes.


Sadly, we had to turned them down because of our schedule. But we are lucky to have bunch of kind angler friends. They brought us fresh fishes from the Indian Ocean : the barracudas (barakuda) and king mackarels (tenggiri). They were soo big that it took us almost 2 weeks to ate all of them.


Tenggiri. Actually, we have bigger than this.


Barracuda. Beware of the mouth!

I made tenggiri balls and stier fried barracuda in tomato sauces. The best way to eat fishes head are be made as a soup.


Barracuda in tomato sauces.

I forgot to take pictures of tenggiri balls and fish head soups!

To be honest that was the first time I ate barracuda! The fish was extremely delicious but quite thick. Had we steamed it with spices, it would taste even better, I’m sure.

So this is a kind of balance in nature, I guess, that we must extremely grateful..


How do you adapt to earth’s season change?

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