Ramadan Consumer Behaviour


Ramadan has arrived. Starting from a day before Ramadan, the grocery stores are full of shoppers. I spent almost an hour in a queue to the cashier.

A normal view in Indonesia, a little bit strange off course. Logically, we reduce our daily food consumption but a tradition works the other way. There are a lot of foods and sweet desserts after the “iftar” (open fasting) such us cendol, kolak, etc.

I prefer the most simplest one for the family : dates. The fruits fulfilling our need of glocose, fructose and sucrose in the most natural way and more than enough, right? :))

The lifestyle and daily consumption during the month of Ramadan are normally changing. But the phenomenon is not only happen in Indonesia. This is an info graphic of Ramadan consumer behavior in other country :

infografic mena

We will spend more on food. I must say a big no for eat out. Prepare well if you want to eat out for iftar in the mall or restaurant. If you’re not, you will have to wait for a very long queue of people and miss a lot of more important things.

There is an increasing number of shopping over the internet, especially in fashion category. Let’s not forget the famous tradition of “mudik” (the annual homecoming tradition).

The real benefit of Ramadan is spiritual. Mixing the tradition and faith, this is the complexity of human, too, I guess. Eat, pray, and shop. :))

Sources :research.meena.yougov.com and wikipedia


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