Practicing KonMari

The famous tidying up book by Marie Kondo is finally in my hand. She is a Japanese cleaning consultant living in Tokyo, the creator of a method named KonMari Method. It’s a detailed guidance for determining which items to keep and how to organize them properly.


The little book is so simple I can put it in my bag. After I read more than two chapters, I start to love the way she shares information and tell her own history in search for the right method of tidying with her own family.

We have something to obsessed with. Mrs. Kondo obsession to tidiness lead her be “a warrior princess in the war of clutter.”, that was The London Times said.

I will try to practicing this method little by little. It takes time almost 6 month, normally to finish the first step.

She is a nice lady, isn’t she?

Have you ever heard the method?


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