It’s Done


One project in my real-life is done.

A lesson is learned.

The result will be given in one week. It’s more important to make a what-to-do list for my next move. Before that I’d like to take a break for while, preserving energies.

When I finish something, I used to give myself a reward, no matter what the result is. Isn’t it important to appreciate yourself after all the hard works?

OK. What do I want to do? Because we are still in the month of fasting, eating out is not one of my option. Here are lists of ideas for a perfect quality me time :

  1. Grab some great books
  2. Find a new recipe to try before iftar
  3. Watching movies
  4. Redesign my blog
  5. Finish my unfinished oil painting
  6. Etc.

Anything that matters, there will be a family time tonight. So the activity must be short and not eat up my routine chores.

How did you feel after finishing something? What did you do?

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