Getting Serious


Trust me this is my serious face.
I finally bought a domain under my own name. This is a great chance to learn a lot about writing in a more serious blogging world.

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But, sorry, the blog is still in bahasa only, because my target audiences are Indonesian.

How was it going? To be honest, at first, it’s a little tough to find theme and specialty. But then, I just got there instantly. Not so complicated as I thought before.

OK. These are steps that I’ve already done :

  1. Finding a niche.
  2. Buy a domain. I chose my own name.
  3. Choose a platform : wordpress or blogspot.
  4. Create or choose a catchy and perfect template.
  5. Edit some HTML codes
  6. Write a nice content and post.

I haven’t promoted it yet, there will be two more post to go. Must write them down calmly, patiently, no need to rush.

The next step is joining some local blogger community. There are plenty of them on facebook.

How about this free wordpress blog? Should I abandon it? Well, off course not. I will use it as a note (in English) of my daily life, works, reviews, and writing activities.

This is getting more and more exciting, you know. How did it feel like when you start a serious blog?

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