Between Two Blogging Platform


I want to compare the two blogging platform, blogspot and wordpress, as Indonesian user.

First, the community.

Blogspot provides us with free hosting, a very interesting offer for everyone who want to change their domain into dot com. I don’t have the statistic yet, but I’m convinced that there a lot of Indonesian female blogger out there, who use blogspot (instead of other blogging platform) to monetize their blog. There are plenty of solid, warm, and nice female blogger community, most of them talk about paid review, give away, challenges. I really like the strong female connection between them, but maybe I’m searching for different and more various topics.

It’s hard to a wordpress (WP) blog, especially if you’re from Indonesia (OK.It’s a long story). Indonesian WP users are normally people who really loves to write. I found interesting topics with unique personal touch and quick interactivity between users-thanks to WP’s powerful notification tool. Maybe this is one of the reason why discussion in the WP blog’s reply area is more interesting. Do I have to remind you that we, Indonesian, also love to chat? ๐Ÿ™‚

Second, the concentration

I don’t know what other user think, but there were too many distraction on blogspot. The last time I visited my blogspot’s blog, I was busy… decorating them! Yes, the idea of having a nice template is so tempting in blogspot. You can download free blogger template and give it your own personal touch.

In WP, OK, I can still change a little bit this and that. But you can not change the HTML In WP, all I have to do is create a topic and write. Focus.

Yeah, maybe it’s just me. Please, ignore it.

Three, the goal

Basically, I’m questioning my own purpose on writing in a blog. Do I want to monetize it quickly? Do I mind having topic created by others? Etc.

In blogspot, I see myself targeting the females whose interest is not only in writing but also monetizing the blog. In WP, I will get larger target audiences, both male and female, specifically people whose main interest is writing.


I’m focusing on WP at the moment.

Do you have any experiences with the two platform? Which one did you choose and why?


9 thoughts on “Between Two Blogging Platform

  1. Ages ago I was on Blogspot but didn’t like the interface (maybe it’s changed now?) and I much prefer WP. I have a blog with a .com domain and use WP as its platform and with that I can play around with the code. I used to spend ages playing with the code lol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Anyway now I also have a blog and I also love it. So I guess I’m a WP fan ๐Ÿ˜‹


    1. Hello, sorry for my late reply, Aggy..No, I donโ€™t think the blogspot interface has changed a lot. Well, except for the templates, off course.

      Do you have a self-hosted site? AFAIK, we canโ€™t maintain full control over the code in Yup, playing with codes is really fun, but also time consuming.

      I love, too. It makes me focus on creating content! *an easily distracted person*๐Ÿ˜€


  2. I like WordPress better than Blogspot. WordPress is more customer friendly, and it has a strong community who care about blogging. I think if you wish to monetize your blog, then it is best to do a self-hosted website. I am considering to do a self-hosted website but it’s too much work ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Thank you for the review!


    1. Your welcome, thank you for the visit:))… I thought you have already own self-hosted website, because you have a lot of beautiful pictures, mba *love them*. To reduce amount of unnecessary work in a self-hosted website, I think we must pick a web hosting with good technical support and security services. Let them do all the technical works while we’re focusing on the content/themes. The rest is almost the same with managing free website, I guess….


  3. Well, pernah nyobain blogspot, era 2008-an. Yeaah beneran sih pengelaman bermain dengan blogspot adalah godaan mempercantik tampilan blog sampai lupa ngisi kontennya…
    yang lainnya seperti tumblr ketika booming saya juga coba-coba dan pernah lumayan lama juga ngeblog di sana. Tapi saya ngerasa tumblr interaksinya kurang renyah karena ga ada fitur native komen, harus pakai pihak ketiga. oh iya tumblr themesnya bagus-bagus kala itu. Sejauh ingatan saya, beberapa themes yang disediakan oleh wordpress sekarang ini mengadopsi tipikal themes milik tumblr.
    Self hosted wordpress yeeah ini part paling menarik untuk belajar teknikal tentang dunia ngeblog. Mulai hosting, ngoprek themes, plugin dan hal-hal receh lainnya. Kejadian utak-atik tampilan blog macem di blogspot terjadi lagi hehe. Intinya fokus menulis jadi terabaikan, padahal momen ketika nulis blog itulah yang seharusnya paling dinikmati.
    Hingga akhirnya untuk mengeliminasi keribetan recehan selfhosted wordpress, saya pindah melakukan mapping domain aja ke biar lebih fokus dengan tulisan.
    lah maaf yaa komennya malah panjang. ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Haha nggak apa2, mas Diptra. Jadi menambah gambaran ttg pendapat pengguna banyak platform. Iya pernah mencoba tumblr juga dan krg sreg. Memang ribet mengurus self-hosted. Enaknya ya lebih bebas saja dari ikatan2. Kalau space WP utk gambarnya sdh penuh apa mau upgrade lagi?


  4. Nice summary. I like WP because its advanced and has very nice interface. Also the options to customize in WP is far greater with easy navigation. In blogspot it all feels likeโ€ฆ.at least a decade old interface. Also its hard to configure in blogspot. Integration of other services like FB, twitter, whatsapp is great!


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