Writer’s Block


Hi.How’s life? For me, life has been hectic.

Well, actually,  I encountered impediments to writing. One of the reason is my physical condition. OK, that’s not important because the main issue here,  I was struggling with writer’s block.

But I did some photo editing and post it to my visual journal as my last effort to be exist in the blogging world. Lol.

Until….Yesterday, I had a rendezvous with a WA group. Frankly, my main reason to be present was…..the food (come on, it’s a nice and cozy cafe, what can I say?).

To my surprise, they have already arranged the place and made presentations with an OHP.  Points, sub points, tables, schedules, flashed before my eyes… Seriously??

I forgot the real reason behind the invitation.  We were  in a middle of serious writing project!

Can’t escape the destiny, can I?  I already ate the food. There will be a lot of writing task in the future. That was really awkward and funny moment, close to some kind of serious kick in my stomach!

Off course, I tried not to say any promises that I would regret later.  I have made it once and end up doing the project in solo..^^;

That night, I released the binding and wrote a blog post. Maybe there IS something, unseen force that hold me back from writing. Perhaps it’s part of my “dark side” so I must push myself to find the light  and become a Jedi.  I’m trying to analyze and learn it because “different people, different cases”.

How do you cure writer’s block?


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