Hacked and A New Approach


Life has been up and down. I got good and bad news.

A week ago, I found my self-hosted site hacked. I lost my articles in the process. But thanks to the the support system, we still manage to save most of the articles.

It was my mistake, off course. I should have made a back up. This is a great lesson, especially for an amateur in a self-host blogging world like me. >_<

Yes. Anything can happen. That was one of the reason I exported and imported old posts to this blog. To my surprise, it looked like one of my old article was published as a new article on this blog. Sorry for the inconvenience, dear readers *bows*.

The good news, I found a way to conquer my writer’s block. I joined a group that specifically made for writers and bloggers. Writing tasks and a homework will be given. This is really like a bread of fresh air! It’s been a long time since I learned writing theory .

If you’re stuck at something all you can do : doing the opposite of your daily works, or you can search and try different approach.


2 thoughts on “Hacked and A New Approach

  1. Thank you for following my site, I appreciate you!! Sorry your site was hacked, some people are just jerks. Tighten your security measures. Your typed English is very good, well done!


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