Offline or Online Readers?


Do you like to show your blog to your offline friends or family?

For me, it depends on the situation. If the article is useful, I’ll gladly show them.

Off course there are exceptions for teachers, editors, etc. But what I like about writing and sharing articles in a blog, I have a broader and more vary readers.

Based on my experience, most of the readers of my social media platform, such as Facebook notes, are friends I know from the real world. The probability of meeting them offline in the restaurant, cafe, or in the office is larger than meeting online strangers. Normally, they won’t criticize much even if they disagree with the articles. Pushing the unfollow button is the most common, polite, and safe reaction. Nobody will get hurt. In a blog, people can be frank and bold. They won’t visit you again nor making any comments if our articles are not interesting. We’re just a drop of water in the ocean.

I used to be tagged by my Facebook friends to voluntarily read their notes and share them, because that’s what friends do. The tagging thing can be useful as a sharing tool in our circles, but it’s like a clap in the back. “Hi. Read this”. You can’t do such a thing with blog, all you can do is share. So, that’s more challenging.

There is time that I don’t share my blog article with offline friends, but sometime I DO share. I respect their opinion, but my priority is still lie on online readers, nothing personal.

How about you? Have you ever show your blog to your family and offline friends?

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7 thoughts on “Offline or Online Readers?

  1. Hmm sometimes di share ke temen-temen offline. Tapi lebih banyak tidaknya hihi. Madzhab biarkan tulisan menemukan takdirnya masih cukup menempel kuat. Write and forget hehe..

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  2. I prefer not to share and push my blog post to offline world. I think its important to let people be aware of your blog. but leave it there. if they like, they will follow your blog

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