National Blogger Day : a Reminiscence


Yesterday, we celebrated National Blogger Day. It makes me wonder about my very first journey in this online writing world.

Actually, my first experiment began in 2001-2002 with very simple platforms named pitas and Yahoo! Geocities. The first one was easier than the last one. You didn’t need any script nor HTML knowledge.

To be honest, I wasn’t in to that kind of new writing things, it was my friends who dragged me to it.

The first post I have ever made was in Pitas, an online dairy without any comment form on the blog post section!

However, I refused to call it a full blogging experience.

Thanks to the lack of comment form, we must make comments in a new post. So, technically, with more than 10 friends, I rarely posted my own article because what I simply did was commenting my friend’s posts. Imagine this, one paragraph (or nothing) about my daily routine and five paragraphs on a group reply!

If you have difficulty to imagine the situation, well, maybe the platform worked a lot like an instant messenger group rather than a blog we know these days (or it could be just my case). No wonder, I gave up easily after a few months and prefer using my cellphone!

The second experiment was blogging in multiply. I signed up, posted a little, and then suddenly they shut the service down.Whoops.Oh, how everything ended very fast!

Finally, I met wordpress and then the story goes….

I wish you a Happy National Blogger Day! How’s your blogging history and experience?

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