Recently, I added photography in my self-hosted site as a new category.

For your information, the site’s theme was self-development journey. Adding an outdoor experiments topic will bring a little more personal side of me.

The words outdoor refers to nature photography, by the way.

Photography is a very interesting topic There is always a story behind every pictures and I love the connection between them. Have you ever see Human of New York? A great example of a mixture of words and photos.

We have bunch of school of photography in Indonesia, but talented people I knew don’t have formal education in photography. Interesting fact, Naturally, you can learn many things as long as you have passion and spirit. But it would be nice off course to have mentors.

Some bloggers are also travel photographer or food photographer. I’m interested in nature or street photography as subject. I’m not sure which one I’ll pick, both are interesting.

Do you like photography? Would you mind sharing your experiences?


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