The Space Explorer


A few days ago, I read “Penjelajah Antariksa” (Space Explorer) saga by Djokolelono.

Did you know that the author of the saga is the first Indonesian science-fiction writer?

We can find his works in the second hand book shops. I like his very first sci-fi series called “Bintang Hitam” (Black Star). An interesting story of a spaceman from Indonesia and a beautiful girl from another civilized planet that is mistaken for a giant black hole.

The Space Explorer Saga is more complex than his previous books. Lucky, our local publisher has reprinted and released this old series.

Four Terrians youngster : Vied, Veta, Stri, and Raz lived in the city of Planet Poa. The planet entered its longest night of the period of revolution.

Unfortunately, a mysterious army from high civilization planets provoked native inhabitants of Planet Poa to battle the Terrians.

Vied-the military cadet, Veta-the genius, Stri- the soft spoken girl, and the youngest of the four-the rebellious Raz, were dragged into the battlefield at the surface of the planet, in the underground city, and at the Planet Poa’s sole moon- Flavo.

Soldiers of the mysterious army also kidnapped Veta and Stri, kept them in the space lifeboat where Veta was forced to make weapons for their own hidden agenda.

Vied and Raz long journey into space to find their brother and sister had begun.


The old cover of “Planet Poa’s Calamity”.

The first book, “Bencana Planet Poa” (Planet Poa’s Calamity) was published in 1985, followed by “Sekoci Penyelamat Antariksa” (Space Lifeboat) and “Kunin Bergolak” ( Kunin Agitation) . The series stopped at book three and then in 2016 the author decided to write book four, five, and six (new paperback covers).

It look like everything will end at book seven. I’m curious to know the ending.


Have you ever read Space Explorer Saga or other Indonesian science-fiction novels?


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