Rogue One : A Star Wars Story


My husband and I watched Rogue One : A Star Wars Story yesterday. A very good side story, but it will forever remain just as a little part of the saga.

The only mistake, we watched the 133 minutes movie in 3D IMAX cinema! OK. It was fantastic to watch a 3D movies, especially the one with a gigantic special effect, but it can easily cause tiredness for our eyes. At the beginning of the story, we had already found difficulty in remembering names, places, events, etc. There were too many serious dialogs! The result from the whole situation : we slept peacefully in the middle of the movie! But we were lucky enough to woke up at the perfect time : 30 minutes before the story end.

OH. OK. Now, I understand why everybody love Rogue One in the first place. A very unusual ending for a Disney movie. Really. Regrettably, for a Star Wars fans, it lacked man to man fight or light saber duels. Maybe because there were no Jedi in the Rogue One, it gave us a touch of reality, imho.

Felicity Jones is perfect for the role. I also impressed by Donnie Yen‘s kung-fu style performance. Hollywood has tendencies to cast Asian actors (the last time was Iko Uwais). It’s a great add for Asian’s target market. By the way, you’ll be surprise to see so many Darth Vader cameos and….the other person. Who? No. I’m not going to spoil that for you.

The impact of watching a 3D movie, I also had a temporary headache. Please don’t be misunderstood, I enjoyed the realistic sensation in the theater, but after that I really need a vision therapy. Lesson learned, next time we must be careful what to watch in 3D.

Overall, it was a great movie. Maybe I will re-watch the part that I missed. In 2 D, off course.


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