Sunny Side Up Election Day


It’s been a while. I decided to continue writing in Living Harmony. For about 4 months, I’ve been busy writing in another blog.

So what’s going on Indonesia, to be more specific, the capital city?

Well, we’ve been through a very tiresome moment : a governor election. During that time, I’ve seen friends unfriended each other, bullied, etc. I have come to a point, whoever win the race I hope he will become a good leader, be technically and tactically proficient to reconcile differences, not bringing unnecessary polemic. As simple as that. After a democratic selection passed, we are people in the same boat, aren’t we? The past is the past. So be it.

Based on our characteristic as one of the biggest social media user, we, Indonesian, always have enthusiasm about society, news, and technology. It’s important to stay continually connected with what others are doing and make quick reaction.

Sadly, we are still dealing with lack of awareness of internet etiquette, digital literacy, and data validation. Irresponsible people exploit the situation to spread false news or hoax. 2014 was the year of the first wave of massive hoax on the internet, I recall.pilgub

The flow of TPS

On the bright side, thanks to insightful days before the election, now I feel like having more experience on handling my social media and group chat. Especially, how to react and behave.

Unity is always be my first priority in any occasion. We, human, are born to judge, but something are better left unsaid. Always look something from different perspectives. Treat people and their opinions with respect. Do not bully nor insult others. Be a good listener. Never share anything unless you have read and check it multiple times. Better not read comments on social media posts or below any online media articles, because they’re usually have the same pattern of hate speech.

Since I’m a big fans of KonMari method, I used the same principles to regain my objectivity because happy brains are more mentally alert. It will be quite handy to eliminate negative atmosphere.

  • First, social media and group chat audit. It was based on categories. I keep asking myself, why I need them and how do I feel about them. I try to keep my social media and group chat simple, save only what sparks joy.
  • Second, who-to-follow audit based on of topic they used to post. Un-follow people who like to post (and share) anything that provoke hate, based on assumption, and try to build a state of fear on others,

Off course there were times when doubts and questions came out from my mind,

“What if…?”

But finally, mental health is more important than anything, I guess. People DO bad things when they’re mentally disturbed, provoked, or become bitter.

So that’s how life goes. Natural selection works also in social media and group chat. It was the sunny side up of election day, learn to simplify and bring peace into the life.
Now. Let’s unite again.

How did you manage those kind of days, positively?

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10 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up Election Day

  1. I am not sure whether the feeling of a “divided” nation is stronger in the last elections OR that it has been magnified a lot because of social media, or both. This really is a challenge, though, especially in a diverse country like Indonesia, whose slogan involves diversity. The people must have their own understanding about this. But well, it is much easier said that done, unfortunately 😦 .

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  2. close my eyes about it on social media. If needed, I did unfollowing some of them – or at least muted them. hehehe


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