Common Question Asked To Hobbyist Photographers

Welcoming 2018.

It has been a year since I learned photography and got new perspectives on the world. Having other priorities more important, I never turned it into a career. Photography is my most effective writing companion. There were times when I had a look at my photos to get inspiration. A crop censor camera is more than enough for me.


What my lovely crop censor camera had captured…

Our photography skill improve by learning and practicing everyday. It’s only natural that some people ask,

“Why don’t you start making money from photography?”

The hobbyist expression will be like….

I know plenty of hobbyist friends who create fabulous images with expensive filters, lenses, and camera. Sometimes they took a few small paid photography jobs in order to help supplement the hobby. On the other hand, there are also friends who see the learning experiences as a form of psychological therapy, a tool to create a good deeds. They’re usually generous and charged absolutely nothing for their work. In some cases they aren’t paid but the expenses are all covered.
{{It’s hard for professional photographers not to feel annoyed.}}

Another option to repaid the cost is to join amateur or professional photo contest.

How can we get great photos plus a lot of attention with a minimal cost for our start up business?

You can create a photo contest, I guess.

In Indonesia, photography contests are everywhere. The ethical side of some contest still causes polemic among photographers. However, everyone have their own reason whether to participate in a competition or put themselves right into the photography business. What is their goal? Which one of the decision that will increase their value and bring more profit?

There is a big different between being in love with photography as a hobby and as a business.

Photography as a business must be treat with cautious in totally different approach. In my point of view, being a professional photographer in Indonesia is a serious challenge. There are competitions, pressure, and lifestyle some people could never handle nor tolerate. I have great respect for those who jump into the game with the right attitude.


*Extreme Thumbs Up!*

On the contrary, Indonesia is still a heaven for hobbyist photographer, it consists of hundreds of islands, ethnic groups, species, and foods. Interesting objects are easily found everywhere from macro to landscape. As hobbyist, we can promote beautiful things about the country.

A lot of objects will come to you….

At the end, we must know our limits. As a photography enthusiast, this is mine and it bring a lot of fun and certainty in uncertain times. To be more precise, about things that I don’t necessarily need.

How about you?


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