Children and Games

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I used to met bunch of little kids (mostly boys) and they had this things in their palm : a gadget or a portable game. They looked healthy and chubby, their parents had feed them wisely.

But we must not judge the book by its cover.

I remembered what our old teacher had said ; kids nowadays are easily tired compare to the previous generation.

If you have boys who can sit almost 3 hours doing nothing but playing a portable game or a gadget, is it possible to turn them into an athlete? The buttocks is probably muscular than the biceps.

In my opinion, children’s games in few years B.G. (Before Google or Gadget) were the healthiest for developing motor skills. Those were the days when children developed fine motor skills when playing games such as marbles (boys) and “bekel” (girls).



Children improved their gross motoric skills, easily, by playing traditional games “lompat tali” (skipping rope), “panjat pinang” (climbing slippery pole).


Ular Naga Panjangnya

Social skills were also builded by playing games like “petak umpet” (hide and seek), “ular naga panjangnya” (dragon snake is very long), etc.

There were positive opinions about gadget/portable games : great for building kid’s cognitive, spatial awareness, problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, etc. You name it. But, actually, too much screen time isn’t good for kids and games may teach them the wrong values

Now, let’s compare these game titles with our traditional game:


  • Grand Theft Auto : awards points (s3x and money) for players for killing people
  • Angry Birds : crushing things into pieces

And the list goes on…

Kids learn best from humans, that’s why they need interactions with the other kids. So, don’t be surprised if one day we will find out many cases of lack of empathy disorder that might lead to aggressive- antisocial behavior.

You don’t need to be embarrassed teaching traditional game to your kids. Just enjoy yourself, playing with them. It’s healthier and cheaper than those expensive portable games/gadget, right?

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2 thoughts on “Children and Games

  1. Jaman saya masa kecil mainnya traditional aja hehe, bola bekel, congklak, gambaran, masak2, trus saya sama teman2 dan adik keliling2 nyari tanaman buat bikin minyak2 an, serunya main tanpa gadget πŸ˜€ . Setelah game online makin terkenal, ga hanya anak kecil yg lupa waktu, orang dewasa juga, termasuk suamiku klo ga kerja tuh sanggup seharian maen game online, kupikir sih kegiatan buang waktu ga berguna tuh game haha tp klo banyak orang mikir sptku, ya ga bakalan laku ya yg jual game atau animatornya πŸ˜‰ .


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