The Eruption of Mount Merapi

Today, Merapi, the famous mountain of Central Java island erupts again. A phreatic eruption. I received an interesting video from a WA group. I don’t know where the video was taken, but maybe it was taken from Boyolali, a small city situated at the east of the mountain.

As you can see, the residents were still doing their usual activities. I see runners, motorcycles, and cars.

A woman in the video shouted, “Rapopo”. It means, “It’s all right.” Even the eruption is not dangerous, the volcanic ashes are something they should worry about. The health effect include respiratory and eye symptoms.

The volcanic ashes

Speaking of Merapi, the mountain is always be a great object for me. Every time I visit Yogyakarta, a special region and an old capital city, I spend some time taking picture of the mountain and its environment. The mountain is located approximately 28 km from the city.

There’s a story behind every pictures. For example, the photo of my Danbooru figure was taken in a restaurant which went bankrupt after the last tremendous eruption of Merapi in 2010, the largest since the 1870’s. Villages were destroyed and people were killed during the catasthrope.

In “Sisa Hartaku” mini museum, Sleman, the remains from mount Merapi eruption in 2010 are kept ; the ruin of a house, household wreckage, animal bones, motorcycle, etc.

Beautiful monarch butterflies of mount Merapi live harmoniously with humans. They are the toughest insect in the world. I used to find them flying, flocking, and, mating. To get a perfect shot, I must prepared to make extra effort!

Sometimes I also saw endangered animals.

A long time ago our ancestor had the ability to read nature’s sign. They observed animal’s movement around the mountain. Hawkes, deers, tigers, snakes would fled the area as the volcano heats up. Sadly, those animals may be more likely to go extinct!

Now, we depends on warning signs from vulcanologist.

As we know, volcanic eruptions are really hard to predict! We may not see it coming. Just take a look at the video above. The climbers didn’t have any idea how to react when the eruption coming.

This is a Merapi’s off road activities called “Lava Tour”, famous among the adventurers. It’s a long drive to go to the spectacular area around the volcanoe, so taking a car is recommended. Joining the Lava Tour, we will rent a vintage jeep, and after the trip, we may washed it in the river. I got my lucky shot of the washed jeep about 2 years ago.

I hope the phreatic eruption will not evolve to real eruption.

Images and video of the eruption are taken from WA group


2 thoughts on “The Eruption of Mount Merapi

  1. Tadi hujan abunya di kota cuma sebentar. Walau hanya kami lumayan harus bersih2 hehe. Resiko tinggal di Yogya salah satunya gunung Merapi yang bisa kadang2 memberi “kejutan” seperti ini ya


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