Hi. Welcome to my blog.

I’m an Indonesian, living in the capital city. Indonesia is a tropical country surrounded by two biggest oceans, 17,508 islands and 127 active volcanoes, lists of tremendous facts that I sometimes forget.

I love writing, making notes, painting, and taking pictures, because for me every important events and experiences should be memorized. I used to bring my camera around, taking pictures of almost everything, everyday.


Living Harmony was created in 2016. It was built for memento of my random projects, activities that I made, pictures I took. A place where all my thoughts are explored ; an everything journal. Inspired by an article named start journal change your life.

This is a story about how we live, how I live (English is not my first language, so please, bear with me).

Thank you for visiting. Feel free to leave comments.

**For Indonesian readers, you may also check my other journals in the “Bahasa” menu.