Children and Games

I used to met bunch of little kids (mostly boys) and they had this things in their palm : a gadget or a portable game. They looked healthy and chubby, their parents had feed them wisely. Advertisements

Here Comes The Rain

As a country that lie along the line of the equator, Indonesia has only two seasons : the rainy and the dry. The first one used to go by different name, the monsoon. Normally, it start in November to March. But now its really hard to tell with the climate change!

Life is…

I wrote some articles and got amazed by the fact that I had made too serious posts. It’s not a big deal but it just don’t feel like me. Perhaps it was one of the impact of my real-life situation for the past 4 weeks. I finished a lot of difficult problems just like playing … More Life is…

Writer’s Block

Hi.How’s life? For me, life has been hectic. Well, actually, I encountered impediments to writing. One of the reason is my physical condition. OK, that’s not important because the main issue here, I was struggling with writer’s block. But I did some photo editing and post it to my visual journal as my last effort … More Writer’s Block