Everything Mushrooms !

Mushroom is good for health. Eating mushroom can reduce salt intake, naturally have Vitamin D and can reduce the risk of some cancer.  These are the other advantages.. I like the fact that mushrooms can be consumed at every meal, low enough in calories for a guilt-free. You don’t have to be a mushroom fanatic … More Everything Mushrooms !

Sarinah Attack

The Sarinah building at Jendral Sudirman street Yesterday was a very shocking day for all.  I was doing my daily routine, my cellphone was off because the battery drained so quickly (thanks to the traffic of 3 WA groups -_-). While I turn it on, the cellphone rang frequently.  People told me that I must … More Sarinah Attack

The Urban Dream

I live in a hectic town,  a nice place, but I used to dream about rice fields and fresh air.  Rice field is believed to bring prosperity and luck. My hidden feelings towards tranquility can be represented by the picture I took years ago in the country ; a farmer plowing with a water buffalo in … More The Urban Dream