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Parc Asterix



When I think of my childhood, I always think of cartoons, animation, and comics. Painted memories of so many likable characters. One of my favorites is Asterix a character from French’s comics created by Reene Gosciny and Albert Uderzo. Par toutatis!

They lived around 50 BC, in a fictional village of old Gaul. A mysterious small village that even Julius Caesar and his mighty legendary troops couldn’t conquered. The secret was a magic potion created by the druid. One my drink it and became unbeatable for a short period of time. Asterix and friends became the Roman’s worst nightmare! Continue reading “Parc Asterix”

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Fishing or Photography? Thought Decision!

sfr 031

Fishing is one of my favorite trip. I used to combine it with my photography activity. It sounds very challenging, right? Well, in reality, you just can’t concentrate in two activities at one crucial time! You have to make a thought decision whether you’re a photographer or an angler.

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Sarinah Attack


The Sarinah building at Jendral Sudirman street

Yesterday was a very shocking day for all. I was doing my daily routine, my cellphone was off because the battery drained so quickly (thanks to the traffic of 3 WA groups -_-). While I turn it on, the cellphone rang frequently. People told me that I must not go anywhere because there was a terrorist attack in Jakarta.

I turned on the television and watched the local News. There were a series of suicide bomb and gun attacks outside Sarinah Jakarta. The drama played out on the streets.

How we react…